The Prevention Youth Council (PYC) is at it again! Eager to help out the community in any way that we can, we’ve started a new journey to awaken the people in our community and to aid in the battle against the ongoing negativity that is seen day to day in the areas where we live. We want to help our community by making it a safe environment for everyone who calls this home. Standing for Youth Empowerment Solutions for Peaceful Communities the YES Program is a tool that we’ll eventually utilize for a Community Project. The YES Program unlike other community aid programs puts more control into the hands of the youth so no aspect of the youth portion is lost along the process :). The goal is to have an effect the community! Building a team that is effective in both team-work and branching out to people in the community PYC plans to hire a local figure that can aid us in our efforts. By being someone that people can recognize and notice the PYC Squad will not be alone and will not risk giving a silent attempt to help our community.  Success takes steps and we will not skip any when it comes to this new asset! Who our community helper will be and what our project will consist of is yet to be realized by our PYC members as we continue to prepare. Stay tuned to our blog to find out as we update our page, who we will work with and what we plan to do!