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Seven Challenges

seven challenges

     An evidence based program that focuses on drug and alcohol abuse by adolescents. There are seven challenges and one journal for each challenge; students work at their own pace and can finish as swiftly or as slowly as they want. In the journals students are challenging themselves to make wise decisions about alcohol and other drugs. Journals are reviewed by the facilitator to see where they are at in their decision making skills process.


We decided to open up and talk honestly about ourselves and about alcohol and other drugs.


We looked at what we liked about alcohol and other drugs, and why we were using them.


We looked at our use of alcohol or other drugs to see if it has caused harm or could cause harm.


We looked at our responsibility and the responsibility of others for our problems.


We thought about where we seemed to be headed, where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to accomplish.


We made thoughtful decisions about our lives and about our use of alcohol and other drugs.


We followed through on our decisions about our lives and drug use. If we saw problems, we went back to earlier challenges and mastered them.





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