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Prevention Youth Council

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Prevention Youth Council -PYC

The Prevention Youth Council (PYC) is made up of two Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Team (ADAPT) Club members from each of the public high schools in Salinas and North Monterey County. The PYC work on such things as: making the public aware of the Social Host Ordinance and the Safe Homes project, park and beach clean ups, assist in DUI checkpoints, Minor Decoy operations, and access and sales to minors surveys. In addition, they talk to the community members about why prevention is so important.

Program Goal

The main goal of the Prevention Youth Council (PYC) is to prevent the initial use of drugs and alcohol by youth in our community.

Program Plan

This program will provide awareness to teens and parents on the short and long term consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. We address environmental issues that are a major contributing factor to the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in our community.

By empowering the youth in our community, we help them focus on life goals and dealing with everyday obstacles they may face.


Services Provided:

Community Work:

Outreach to community members

Participation in park/beach clean ups


School Presentations:

Education to students on drug and alcohol abuse

Anger Management

Focus Groups



D.U.I. Checkpoints in collaboration with the Salinas Police Department

Assist with Minor Decoy operations with ABC/ Local law enforcement

Tobacco Purchase Surveys


S.A.F.E. Homes:

Parents pledge to host events that are drug and alcohol free for underage youth in their homes.


Teen Closet:

The Teen Closet was started so that youth who were either homeless or of low income could come and receive gently used clothing. The Teen Closet is donation driven and all donations are greatly appreciated. Teens who need these services are welcome to come between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm and receive 2 outfits.




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